Only selected varieties of apples are subject to mechanical cleaning process using high pressure crystal clear wate. This process ensures the raw material purification.


Purified apples undergo through sorting process to preserve the highest quality of juice. We need to be sure that the apples are quality checked.


Selected apples are subject to shredding process to prepare the raw material for juice extraction.


Chopped apples are transported to our cold press so that we obtain natural apple juice rich in nutrients and excellent taste.


In the filtration process, the solid particles inside the product are dramatically reduced to get perfect naturally cloudy apple juice. We do not know the words like: "clarification" or "enzymatic treatment" being used in the production of apple concentrate juice.


In order to preserve freshness for 8 months shelf life, the juice is only in pasteurisation at low temperatures (max. 86 derees), so it retains all the nutritional values ​​and unique taste of the apples.


After pasteurization process, apple juice is pured into unique Magdalene brand packaging. It is hermetic polymer bag with special tap that ensures freshness of the product 14 days after opening and shelf life up to 8 months. The whole of our effort is topped off with attractive cardboard packaging.


Finally Magdalene juice is transported into large cold store for optimum storage conditions until it appears on the shelf in your shop.